One of the main coaching principles

Lake on the top of mountain

        A lake on the mountain:
	The image of influence.
	Thus the superior man encourages 
                  people to approach him
	By his readiness to receive them.

A mountain with a lake on its summit is stimulated by the moisture from the lake. It has this advantage because its summit does not jut out as a peak but is sunken. The image counsels that the mind should be kept humble and free, so that it may remain receptive to good advice.

People soon give up counseling a man who thinks that he knows everything better than anyone 

Inspirational video about Team Hoyt

More inspirational videos – you cannot underestimate the humans’ power to achieve anything, if they really want to.

3 reasons why PHP sucks (and if you code in PHP – you too)

I should admit – I’ve been programming in PHP for long time, but left it to never return again. And I’m going to demotivate you :)


Reason #2. You are in a high competition area

PHP programmers already outnumbered monkeys in Indian temples and monasteries.  And in their eager to get a new job, especially on freelance sites, they behave as saucy as monkeys to get some job.

Anyway, pay rate drops when number of people in market increase and you are start just thriving to get some job and keep there.


Reason #1. PHP is mediocre

PHP syntax is inconsistent, performance is average and overall language design is terrible.

Most probably they are the only language, which introduced OO model (in v.4), than improved it a lot (v5.0) and THEN introduced GOTO operator in the language in v5.3. (Yes, your head should be bitten off by dino!).

Programming in this language is mediocre as well. If you do such jobs a lot of time, especially on freelance, you stop thinking in terms of code beauty, readability and maintainability. Just fire it off and run away.

I always had a hard time explaining to PHP programmers concepts of map/filter/reduce operations and beauty of their chaining. Most of the time in ‘normal’ (he-he) languages you can replace multiple complex for/forEach/while loops with smaller, more elegant code, expressed with map/filter/reduce.

Explaining ‘pure functional’ or ‘without any side effects’ code concepts are even more difficult.

Reason #0. PHP makes you suck at programming

There is no possibility of you solving complex problems in PHP. You are not going to optimize if for speed to squeeze every millisecond of execution, you are not going to spend days in memory profiler to minimize memory footprint or find a leak, you are not going to work on a huge code base with hundred thousand lines of code, serve a hundred thousand connected clients at the same time? No way you face such things in PHP-land.

And if there is no training and constant growth, then stagnation and degradation starts.


Go learn a new language. Python, Haskell, Scala, Lisp, Erlang, CoffeeScript, brainfuck after all or just go and dive into the beauty of plain old C (the flavor without any junk around the letter ‘C’ :). ANYTHING.IS.BETTER.THAN.PHP :)




“The Prosperity” game

Good news, everyone!

I just joined the community of people, who play the “Prosperity game” from the Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires
(check it out on

Generally speaking, you deposit $1000 on your ‘virtual bank account’ in a first day, then $2000 on a second day, $3000 on a third and so on. And you need to imagine ways to spend them! You will quickly run out of ideas, I guarantee ;)

I feel quite skeptical on any kind of such ‘teaching’, but games (see page 12 of first file for definition of ‘game’) usually attract me and I like to have fun.

At least I do not loose anything, it IS really fun and it makes you think a lot, how you can spend a money. Well, even with virtual one I start thinking a lot and it helps to reveal my own postulates and pre-judgment and thoughts about them.

Check it out, try it and write what do you feel about it.

For me it generates a lot of fun and good mood, when I start thinking of ways to spend the money :)

A good extension to proposed game is to ACTUALLY put aside some small amount of money. I’ve started with $0.25 and adding a quarter each day to sum I’m putting aside. So it is $0.25 first day, $0.5 second, $0.75 third and so on. It turns our that in the end of the one-year experiment I’m going to put into the piggy bank about hundred bucks DAILY. That’s scary! :) But also it is a good challenge to build a passive income source which will at least cover that expenses.

I’ll post reports from time to time here for you :) Join the game, if you want as well.

PS. And the picture in the post has nothing to do with the money :) I searched on Flickr for ‘prosperity’ and it gave me this image. And I liked the Asian girls on it, so that’s why it is on a site ;)



Business Games – using games in serious environment

On BarCampEVN’13 I had a workshop about using games in serious environment.

So we used a several well-known games to get a feedback from BarCamp visitors (who are actualy, customers who “use” the event) and done some structuring and run analysis on them.

List of files:


Scrum for Humans

Here is a presentation, I’ve given lately on BarCampEnv’13 about core values of Scrum and Agile methodology. It is more about ideas and vision, and how basic human needs map into Scrum processes and supported by them.

Download “Scrum for Humans” presentation PDF file.

Enterpreneur role through the lens of TA

I had an insight (inner sight, year, I’ve just got a picture in my mind) which I just need to share with all of you.

I was just reflecting and contemplate images and behavior of leaders and successful businessmen I know and I’ve released that the Entrepreneur role (from book of “The E-Myth Revisited“, see my next posts on this) in them interestingly maps into following TA ego-model state: Read On…

How to give people bounties in a right way

It turns our, that appreciating the people in a way they want could be a difficult thing and can even hurt, if done improperly.

The other day I was working with councilor, and we were discussing a theme of appreciation and feedback and how it feels and responds
on a level of emotions/feelings and body sensations. Read On…

Gratitude and appreciation to small things

I’m going through a personal crisis now and it is interesting to contemplate and reflect on my own feelings and thoughts.

They change rapidly through the day and rapid emotional state changes are not that rare. But one of the things that keeps me on a safe side and allows to quickly deal with that is gratitude and acknowledgement of the small and big events in my life. Read On…